About Us

Vapour Mountain was established in 2013 by husband and wife team and owners Benji and Chrystel Wright. Both vaping enthusiasts and avid vapers since 2009, they wanted to bring their passion to the vaping community in South Africa and make their high quality e-Liquids, e-cigarettes and MODS available and easily accessible via this online store.

We take pride in excellent customer service, top class products and customer satisfaction. We are passionate about our products and steadfast in our belief that vaping is an excellent alternative to smoking and other tobacco products.

It is remarkable how educated many vapers have become about chemicals and specifically the contents of their favourite e-Liquids. And rightly so… after many many years of inhaling the smoke from burning tobacco leaf with all sorts of nasty additives and chemicals invading their bodies, they are finally free and have the right to not only demand the tastiest of e-Liquids, but also the purest! When puffing away on cigarettes over the years you would never hear a smoker asking or enquiring what exactly is in the cigarette they are smoking? Or what was added to the tobacco to make it so smooth or to taste a certain way? The less we knew the better! All this has changed and vapers now have the power and the right to ask questions and choose what they inhale…

We keep up to date with the latest trends, research and development in the e-Liquid industry and will avoid using any flavour concentrate containing ingredients that are flagged as hazardous or unwanted in e-Liquids; such as oils, xantham gum, sugar, artificial sweeteners or diethylene glycol. If a flavour contains trace amounts of diacetyl, acetoin or acetyl propionyl it will be stated as such on the label.

At Vapour Mountain we only source the best quality ingredients for manufacturing and will always thoroughly test each ingredient to make sure we are satisfied with the quality and flavour profile. We take our own health as well as the health of our customers very seriously. Our products are manufactured in a ISO7 rated facility, with positive air pressure cleanrooms and 3 stage air filtration, including HEPA filtration.

So next time you enjoy your favourite Vapour Mountain eliquid, rest assured that it was prepared with love, care and only the best ingredients available!